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 Mobile DVR System
- D15
- D16
- ST-201
  (2CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-400/401A
  (4CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-3/4/500D
  (3/4/5CH Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-JS400(N)
  (3G Network HD Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-02HD
  (2Ch HD Mobile DVR)
 Car Black Box System
- YD-100
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- K-15
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- ST-300HD
  (2CH HD Black Box)
 Mobile Camera
- STR-38 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-39 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-40 (Mini DVR Camera)


 D16 : WIFI 2CH HD MDVR(Prototype)




 Main Features
2 CH HD Mobile DVR-SD Memory Type
HD 720P
SD Memory (Up To 64GB)
Optional GPS
Built-in G-Sensor
Low Battery Monitoring (Cut-off Function)
WIFI (App)
PC Viewer
Main CPU Davinci Digital Media Processor
Up to 1000-Mhz ARM Cortex –A8 RISC Processor
256KB of On-Chip Memory Controller
MICOM 16Bit RISC Microcontroller
Memory 128MB NAND Flash Memory
RAM 256*2(512MB) DDR III RAM
Composite NTSC Composite Video Output (3.5mm Jack)
Video Input 2ch HD Rear Camera (with Ser-Des)
Wi-Fi Interface USB 2.0 Interface
SD Card Micro SD Card Socket
G-Sensor Tri-Axis Digital Accelerometer

Operation Temperature: 0℃  ~ 60℃

Store Temperature: - 20℃  ~ 80℃
GPS UART Interface GPS
RTC Internal Real Time Clock (With Back up Battery)
MIC Microphone Port (3.5mm Jack)
Speaker Internal Mylar Speaker
Status LED Red (Power On/OFF Indicator)
Green LED 2ea (Status Indicator )
Key Recode Switch
Power On/Off Key
GPIO External GPIO Signal Input Port
Debug Ethernet & UART Debug
Buzzer Beep Sound Buzzer

Input :DC 10V ~30V

Power Consumption : 5W(2CH@30fps)=>LCD off except GPS, network
 External CAM




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