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 Mobile DVR System
- D15
- D16
- ST-201
  (2CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-400/401A
  (4CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-3/4/500D
  (3/4/5CH Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-JS400(N)
  (3G Network HD Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-02HD
  (2Ch HD Mobile DVR)
 Car Black Box System
- YD-100
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- K-15
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- ST-300HD
  (2CH HD Black Box)
 Mobile Camera
- STR-38 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-39 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-40 (Mini DVR Camera)


 ST-02HD : 2CH HD Mobile DVR




 Main Features
2Ch HD Mobile DVR
Front + Rear, at the same time HD
HDD, Memory stick, SD, Mini SD card supported
Protect a memory device from thieves
Battery electric discharge prevention function
Black Box system operation Log File record
Full / Quad / Auto Sequence Displaymode Selectable
Easy to use GUI(Graphical User Interface)
ADNT (Auto Day and Night Transition)
Model   ST-02HD
Camera Front 1/3Ħħ LVDS Digital image sensor 200M Pixel
Rear 1/3Ħħ LVDS Digital image sensor 200M Pixel
Function Booting Time about 6 ~ 7 sec.
Ordinary REC. moving ordinary REC., event REC. and emergency REC.
Parking REC.

Parking mode converted after car engine stop

G-sensor REC. Shocked in car (Setup Box) - Front and rear simultaneous storage
Motion REC. Detect a motion
Emergency REC. REC (Red button in remote control)- 30 sec.
Operating Volt. 12V ~ 28V (auto-recognition)
Voice recording auto-save
Storage SD Card 2G ~ 32G (class 6)
EXT HDD 640G (USB 3.0)
LED Blue / Red Power and Security
Etc. System Log File Recorded and saved to action state
Camera Digital LVDS
Mainunit+Camera detachable
Driving/Parking auto
Battery Low-voltage perception circuit
Storage SD, Mini SD, Memory stick, EXT HDD
Overwright Overwrite from old files


Input 2ch : 2 Digital HD (1280 X 720)
Output CVBS (NTSC) 1EA + 1 Audio (monitor connection)
Voice MIC
Camera Image sensor 1/3.2Ħħ CMOS sensor
Pixel 2.0 MEGA Pixel (Max. 1600 X 1200)
Minimum illumination 1 Lux
Angle of view 120°
Sensor 3D acceleration sensor (G-Sensor)
Memory Card SD card : 8G 1EA (Max. 32G)
Memory stick(Max.64G), EXT HDD(Max.640G)- USB 2.0
Data Storage compress / resolution H.264, MPEG41280 X 720(HD), 640 X 480(VGA)
Frame 1ch : 30FPS / 2ch : 10 ~ 15FPS
Recording Ordinary, Event, Parking, Emergency
Save time Ordinary : 1 min. Event : before 10 & after 20sec.
OSD GUI menu
Etc. GPS EXT. Active GPS (SIRF-3 or U blocks)
Input voltage 11 ~ 28V
Low-voltage perception 11.5 ~ 12.6V (0.1V) / 23 ~ 24.6V
Ambient operating-temp. -20°C ~ 70°C
Hot start time 6 sec.
Accessory Power Cable, EXT MIC, EXT GPS ANT, RCU




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