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 Mobile DVR System
- D15
- D16
- ST-201
  (2CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-400/401A
  (4CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-3/4/500D
  (3/4/5CH Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-JS400(N)
  (3G Network HD Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-02HD
  (2Ch HD Mobile DVR)
 Car Black Box System
- YD-100
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- K-15
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- ST-300HD
  (2CH HD Black Box)
 Mobile Camera
- STR-38 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-39 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-40 (Mini DVR Camera)


 STR-38 : Mini DVR Color Camera




 Main Features
CMOS Camera
Ball type
Free adjustable
Angle of View: 120°
Easy to Installation
Illumination: 0.1 lux
Mirror Function
Model code STR-38
Image Sensor 1/3" CMOS Sensor
Total Pixels 380,000pixels, 762(H) x 504(V)
Angle Front 126(D) x 97.8(H) x 70.2(V)
Side & Back 163.8(D) x 122(H) x 90.1(V)
I/O Port Phone Jack
Illumination 0.1Lux(Night time)
Power supply DC 5V
Dimensions Camera 25 x 25 x 30(mm)
Camera with case 30 x 35 x 40(mm)



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