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 Mobile DVR System
- D15
- D16
- ST-201
  (2CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-400/401A
  (4CH Mobile DVR)
- ST-3/4/500D
  (3/4/5CH Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-JS400(N)
  (3G Network HD Mobile DVR)
- Omnikine ST-02HD
  (2Ch HD Mobile DVR)
 Car Black Box System
- YD-100
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- K-15
  (FCWS / LDWS HD Black Box)
- ST-300HD
  (2CH HD Black Box)
 Mobile Camera
- STR-38 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-39 (Mini DVR Camera)
- STR-40 (Mini DVR Camera)


 YD-100 : FCWS/LDWS HD Car Black Box




 Main Features
1 Channel GPS Car Black Box
FCWS : Forward Collision Warning System
LDWS : Lane Departure Warning System
This device reports driving behavior data.
This device provides real-time visible and audible alarms to drivers.
The app requires Android 4.3(Jelly Bran), iOS 8.0 or higher.
 ADAS Information

- FCW(Forward Collision Warning)

FWC is active at sppeds greater than 10MPH.
It warns for an accident from a negligent driving, queue jump in the road from other car through a collision warning of the front other car. It is calculating function of a relative speed, distance between mine and a front car by our own intelligent algorithm.

- LDW(Lane Departure Warning)

LDW is active at speeds greater than 35MPH.
K15 obtains video information of driving lanes from the camera installed in windshield, analyzes it in real time and promptly warns the driver on the unintended lane departure which might be caused from driver's careless and or sleepiness.

 ADAS(Advenced Driver Assistance System)
 - FCW(Forward Collision Warning)
 - LDW(Lane Departure Warning)
 Product Specification



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