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[ Wireless Car parking safety device 4-sensor ]

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  • Compact and unique display unit
  • Built-in buzzers both display and main body
  • 4 stage audio and 6 stage visual LCD display from 2.0m to 0.4m
  • 4 ultrasonic insert type sensors installed on the bumper. ( Hole : 22mm/each, built in 40 ~ 50 cm distance from the each sensor)
  • Display's distance, direction and sound
  • Aids reversing in all weathers
  • Easy installation on any vehicle
  • Especially design with wireless LCD display
  • No scratches
  • Approval: CE, FCC


  • Detection: ultrasonic sensor
  • Input power: DC 9V to DC 16V ( 24V with special wire)
  • Operating temperature: -25C ~ 60C
  • Length of wiring: 2.5m (sensor), 4m (main modules and monitor power wire)
  • Detection range display: 0.4m to 2.0m
  • Current consumption: under 50mA (main module), under 85mA (monitor)
  • Dimension:
              Main control module : 70 (W) x 93(L) x 33(H)
              Wireless monitor : 74 (W) x 52(L) X 40(H)
  • Weight (with blister packing): 400g
  • Operating Frequency: 315MHz / 433.92MHz

 Operating Methods

  • When in reverse, the system sounds a beep and senses the first detection zone (with 1.6m distance), second zone at 1.0m and the third zone at 0.6m the alarm sounds progressively
  • From 0.4m the alarm sounds continually indicating the driver to stop
  • For the driver with hearing problems the displays shows 0.0m the actual distance is 0.1m
  • This system also indicates the closest side to an object left or right

 Operating Distance Display

step Distance(cm) Beep Sound Monitor Display Remark(mode)
1 Over 200cm N/A   ܡ Flashing   Reversing mode
2 160-200cm N/A   2.0 ~ 1.6 Display   Detecting the object
3 100-160cm Slowly beeping   1.6 ~ 1.0 Display   First alarm
4 60-100cm Normally beeping   0.6 ~ 1.0 Display   Second alarm
5 40-60cm Quickly beeping   0.4 ~ 0.6 Display   Third alarm
6 Within 40cm Continuous beeping   0.4 ~ 0 Display sequence
  Stopping the Car driving








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