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[ 4-Button/3-Channel Transmitter with and CE Marking ]

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  • Compact Design 4 buttons Transmitter
  • Remote Start
  • Turbo Function
  • Melody Select
  • Various Design by Customer needs
  • Strong Durability
  • AM Transmit type
  • Built-in Door Lock Relay
  • Door Lock / Unlock
  • Remote Start (High Quality AM Transmitter)
  • Hazard Lamp Blinking Function
  • LPG/Special Vehicle Installation
  • Select Installation Way (Generator or Nose Type)
  • Confirming Operation by Beep Sound
  • Valet Mode
  • Trunk Output (+/-)
  • Built in Door lock relay
  • Trunk Open Function
  • Automatic Alert System
  • Memorial Function about Invasion
  • Operation in Silent Model
  • Automatic door lock and arm after driving
  • Alert and door lock when engine is still running
  • Shock Sensing
  • Car Finder
  • Operation indicate lamp
  • Automatic door lock in driving
  • High Quality transmitter / receiver

 Model Functions


 Remote Starter



 Shock Sensor

 Indicator LED

 Digital Door Lock


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