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[ Two Way Smart Keyless Alarm & Starter (Option : Push Button : KRB-9) ]

[Manual download]


  • Compact designed 2-way LCD transmitter
  • Smart Function when getting on the vehicle during remote start
  • Getting on the vehicle with engine off during remote start
  • Vehicle Selection Mode
  • Expression by letter and icon
  • Multi-function 3 buttons remote transmitter
  • Checking the vehicle status
  • Shocking Sensing
  • No Chirp mode
  • Trunk Unlock
  • Car Finder
  • Reservation of Stick and LPG vehicle
  • Driver call
  • Alarm function
  • Timer mode
  • Process time of remote start
  • Icon indicator when the vehicle is starting
  • Double click function for comforting
  • Battery indicator
  • Start time reservation
  • Various choice of buzzer sound
  • Buzzer ON/OFF
  • Remote start (High sensitivity FM type of transmit & Receive)
  • Door lock & unlock
  • Harzard lamp blink function when locking/unlocking door and starting
  • Electronic shock sensor
  • Auto Turbo function
  • Operation confirm by siren sound and transmitter buzzer
  • Valet mode
  • Automatic door lock after getting off the car
  • Built-in door lock relay
  • Trunk open function (Electronic trunk type)
  • Automatic alert system(door sensing function)
  • Memorial function about the invasion
  • Siren ON/OFF
  • Chirp (Beep) Sound Change
  • Last door lock function
  • Smart Antenna Setting
  • Pause the Smart Function
  • Current Time Setting
  • Allert Time Setting
  • Parking Timer Function
  • Transmitter Melody On/Off
  • Transmitter Code Learning
  • Range setting of Smart Key
  • Automatic Arm and door lock after driving
  • Arm and door lock after getting off the car when engine is still running
  • Car finder when the vehicle is parked
  • Automatic door lock in the middle of driving(smart door lock)
  • Digital door lock
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Temperature checking
  • Adjustment mode for alarm time / Automatic start time and current time
  • Time and temperature programming setting
  • Signal Error indicator







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