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   Alcoscan  AL-6000



[ Highly selective Semiconductive oxide alcohol sensor ]

Alcoscan AL-6000 is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subject's breath alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy and it is available to test in Passive mode.
Breathalyzer with Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Sensor Module.


Indication of B.A.C. *Normal Mode:
0.00 to 4.00 ‰ or
0.000 to 0.400%BAC or
0.00 to 2.00 mg/l BrAC by LED display
*Fast(Screening) Mode
0,LowandHigh3 steps
Accuracy ±0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
Warm up time Within 25 seconds
Response time Within 3 sec. at Passive Mode/ 5 sec. at Active Mode
Recycle time Within 10 seconds
Mouthpiece Nomal Mode : use / Fast Mode: No use
Sensor Semiconductor type alcohol sensor
Power supply Two 1.5V "AA" size alkaline battery
Continuous using time 200 times with fresh batteries
Calibration Breathalyser with Replaceable Calibrated Sensor Module
Digital display 3 Digit in Numeric readout
Dimension 124mm x 56mm x 41mm
Weights 105g (Including Batteries)
Audible warnings 3 steps beep warning of alcohol detection with LED display
Remark Battery low indication
Air flow rate checking
Self sensor testing
Auto Power-off
Warranty 1 year (CE, FDA, RoHS, DOT, Australian Standard Approval)


1x Breathalyzer
5x Mouthpieces
1x Pouch
1x Hand strap
2x AA size Alkaline Batteries
1x Manual

  Mouthpiece & Sensor


No Calibration Service required!
The Pre-Calibrated Replaceable Alcohol Sensor Module can eliminate the delays and complications of re-calibration by allowing you to simply "snap out" an old module and "snap in" a new module. This way, you can get back to reliable, accurate testing in a matter of seconds!




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