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[ Smart Fuel Cell Sensor Digital alcohol breath tester ]

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CA05FS Smart fuel cell sensor alcohol tester is the gold standard of hand held alcohol testers for both personal and professional use.The breath is directed into a fuel cell sensor with dual platinum electrodes where alcohol oxidized and generates electrical current.By precisely measuring this current , alcohol tester gives very accurate measure.The fuel cell sensor is specific only for alcohol and does not respond to acetone, ketone or other substances which can be found in human breath.The CA05FS gives high accuracy and wide detection range up to 4.00. The tester is equipped with an advance temperature function to help you operate it in an optimal temperature range .

- Benefits of Fuel Cell Sensors

Fuel Cell sensors are the latest advancements in digital alcohol testing. Designed to be more accurate as semi-conductor sensors, fuel cells are the gold standard when testing BAC. An increase in durability leads the CA05FS to have an extended life before needing calibration. A less frequent service and maintenance schedule, lowers the overall cost of ownership. In addition, the CA05FS will not detect a false positive for individuals on a low carb diet or diabetic.

- Alcohol Test

Easy to use – simply insert mouthpiece and begin testing immediately.Push the ON/OFF power switch.The tester will show "ON" together with a sound and starts countdown which will be taken about 15~35 seconds.This warm-up process prepare the sensor and circuit for testing.After display will show "BLO" and you will hear beep sound.Blow steadily into the mouthpiece until you will hear beep sound again.After completion of analysis for about 3~22 seconds, the test result will be displayed by 3 digits for 20 seconds along with beep sound. If data will be over 0.500 , the display will show the result and "Warn" signal (Red led) will be displayed with alarm sound.Finally the unit will show "OFF" and turn off automatically with a sound.



  • The three-digit LED display
  • Precision Platinum electrochemical sensor responsive only to ethyl alcohol
  • Pneumatic feeding system specific samples of air at the sensor
  • Built-in air mass sensor
  • The long-term stability of the measurement over time
  • High accuracy and repeatability already from the first measurement
  • Resolution indication 0.01‰
  • Short preparation time and between consecutive measurements
  • Traffic badly performed trials/damage the sensor
  • Resembling a function to perform the calibration
  • Built-in thermometer for temperature control device
  • Count the total number of measurements
  • LED indicators
  • A unique serial number
  • Calibration certificate




Advanced Fuel Cell Sensor


≤±0.005% BAC at 0.050% BAC

Detection range

0.00 ~ 2.00mg/l BrAC / 0.00 ~ 4.00‰ Promile

Response time

 3 ~ 22 seconds

Warm up time

15 ~ 35 seconds

Working temp.

+5°C ~ +40°C

Storage temp.

 0°C ~ +40°C


Every 6 months or after 500 tests


111 x 35 x 24mm

Product weight

51.1g(73.7 battery Inluded)

Power supply

Two 1.5V "AAA" size alkaline batteries


1 year limited warranty

 ∗Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice for functional improvements.




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