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[ Highly Selective Semi-conductor Oxide Sensor alcohol breath tester]


1. Insert a mouthpiece into the mouthpiece inlet.

2. Slide up the ON/OFF power switch that is located in the right side of the unit.

    - The detector will show "on" together with a sound and then start to count up from 000 to 100% on the display. This warm-up process prepares the sensor and circuit for testing.

3. When you hear beep sound & "Ready " display is on, please blow steadily into the mouthpiece until you would hear the "Beep " sound again. Stop blowing.

    - In this stage, if you don´t blow within 30 seconds, it automatically turns off.

    - In case you drink very little (if actual concentration would be below 0.01% BAC/0.05mg/l BRAC), it may not be activated. However, it shows still 0.00% and you¡¯re said to be in safe range.

4. After the circling line is on the display for 5 seconds, the test result (BAC or BRAC) will be displayed by 3 digits for 20 seconds along with beep sound.

    - If the BAC/BRAC data would be over 0.05%/0.25mg/l (default setting) respectively, the LCD color will be changed from blue to red and "WARN " signal will be displayed along with "Alarm " sound.

5. Finally, the unit will turn off automatically along with a sound.

6. For the successive testing, try again from No.2 to No.4.

7. Space tests at least 2 minutes apart.




Highly Selective Semi-conductor Oxide Sensor


Dual Color LCD Backlight

Warm-up Time

20 sec.

Respond Time

3 ~ 5 sec.


±0.01% at 0.10% BAC


BAC Simulator

Working Temp.

+10°C ~ +40°C

Storage Temp.

 0°C ~ +50°C


5.6 x 12.3 x 2.3 cm (2.2 x 4.8 x 0.9 inch)


111g / 3.9oz (with a battery and a mouthpiece)


9V Alkaline


1 Year Limited Warranty



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